With a population of 1042 you will find friendly people working hard in a wide range of business and services, ready and willing to provide for your needs.

Friends abound in Bird Island, a community located on Highway 212 about an hour and a half drive west of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.

Before development, the area was covered with many trees and species of birds, surrounded by a lower swampy area: thus, the name Bird Island.  The City is known for its hometown pride, good quality services and its close proximity to recreational and cultural activities.


To enhance the quality of life within the community
By providing services with professionalism
And a commitment to excellence

We, the Council and staff of the City of Bird Island, realize that our primary responsibility is to the residents of Bird Island, for without them our organization would have no reason for being. In order to support the positive, well-balanced, economic and physical growth of the town, we strive to allow for the town’s economic growth by developing an image of the City as a well-planned, well-run, progressive place to do business. In order to respond to the needs and expectations of the residents of Bird Island, it is our responsibility to function to provide the optimal services possible within the accepted budget constraints.


The City of Bird Island and its employees shall work to improve the quality of life for all citizens by creating a pleasant and healthy community in which to live and work. Open communication is essential to success and shall be our highest priority. Leadership and unsurpassed public service shall be our purpose.

Where is Bird Island?